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Corinne Kay Collection for the trendy fashionista 
Made in Los Angeles, California

Even as a little girl, Corinne was a trendsetter and fashion forward. She was known to lay out her outfits the night before school and paint her nails every night to match her outfit for the following day. Being from the mid-west Corinne would wear trends before they were popular and stared at frequently for standing out. She took her Apparel Merchandising and Design degree out west to an environment where style and fashion matter while adding her own unique fashion sense. She has worked as a columnist and event planner for a local magazine and as a TV personality for a Las Vegas-based fashion channel. Corinne booked models and planned her own fashion shows in some of Las Vegas top nightclubs. 

Corinne has over ten years of retail, visual merchandiser, buying, and styling experience. From the red carpet, movies/commercials, print, and advertising, or personal shopping, Corinne is now considered a fashion expert.  If you want to look like a celebrity at a reasonable price, Corinne specializes in making affordable outfits look expensive.

Taking all her past experience, she is now the creator of Corinne Kay Collection, an exquisite dress line for the trendy fashion-forward woman.

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