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Need quick daily outfit inspo?

Hey Goddesses! 

What do you do when you can't figure out what to wear?! Since most of us can't afford new outfits everyday, you need to get creative so you don't repeat outfits.  I go to Pinterest ALL THE TIME! If I am in the mood to wear a certain top, or ripped jeans I just type it in the search button on Pinterest and get ideas to create out of my closet. Obviously, you won't have the exact fashion pieces that you see, BUT that's where you get to get inspired and creative to modify a similiar look you love. I totally transform outfits around in different ways from the looks I get inspired by on Pinterest. When you buy an outfit, or special top, you usually have in mind what you want to pair with it and then it becomes "that look" every time you wear. This gives you different ways to wear what is already in your closet! Have you ever had a personal stylist or friend go through your closet? It is such a luxury and a twist on outfits you would never come up with on your own! I highly recommend it. Call me if you need a stylist in the LA/VEGAS area and let me make you feel like a celebrity! Xxo Corinne

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