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My Path...

I started modeling at 13 for a clothing store called 5-7-9 in the Northwoods Mall in Peoria, IL.  The day I turned 16, the store manager called me to start work in retail, and so, I did.  During high school, every night, I would lay out my outfit and paint my nails to all match..even my underwear! I was always wearing crazy trends from Gadzooks (remember that store?!) I looked like Cher from Clueless half the time and recall being made fun of for wearing my furry boots in college. I didn't care, I was way before the trends without even knowing it. I just knew what I liked. Naturally I study people's outfits and add a necklace or different shoe in my head what I believe might look better. I always say, "The shoe MAKES your outfit!"

   Finally I made my way to LA in November 2013 to work with stylists on print/advertising, TV and movies, commercials, celebrity and red carpet appearances, and e-commerce shoots for Alternative apparel, Nordstrom Rack and Hautelook. I also did personal shopping for clients in Dubai and a housewife for a magazine cover.  I met a wonderful man who is highly educated and respected in the fashion industry that inspired me to start Corinne Kay Collection, and who I consider my mentor in this process. He introduced me to not one but two manufacturers in LA to bring my vision to life. I buy my fabric downtown after days sometimes months of searching for my exact fabric that I want for each dress. It is brought to life from much consideration and has been an up and down process for sure. The best advice I can give from my experience thus far, is if one door shuts, another one will open for you and most likely be  a better outcome for you. 

 "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments." - Jim Rohn


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