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How to Care for Certain Fabric

Who doesn’t want to dress the best? But, do you know that you can keep them enduring with proper care? Your appearance and image matter everywhere you go. It is not only about wearing designer dresses, but taking care of fabric to get the most out of it.

You must be thinking that doing laundry is all the same - washing, drying and ironing. There is nothing new in it! What if we tell you that certain kind of fabric will wash and treat differently? Some items are best for hand washing whereas some dresses should stay far away from the dryer. We wear different types of fabric each day, yet we don’t know how to how to maintain it. Well, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Here are some guidelines to care for certain fabric:

How to Care For Polyester Dresses?

Characteristics of Polyester fabric - strong, stretchable and durable make it the most used fabric in the world. They are wrinkle-resistant and dry quickly (unable to absorb moisture well). You need to follow some care instructions while washing and ironing. Polyester dresses are machine washable, however warm wash cycle is ideal, but never allow a high-heat setting in case you toss it into dryer. You can also let it air dry. Once it’s dried, polyester fabric should be ironed on medium to light setting or use steam. Avoid high temperatures and use of bleach. As best practice, we advise you to follow each garment’s care label for exact instructions.

How To Care For Charmeuse Dresses?

Charmeusefeels like a soft, light-weight, and semi-lustrous fabric with a crepe back. Being a popular choice for formal apparels, care starts from its pre-treatment. Treat charmeuse dresses with stain solution and scented vinegar solution, as both of them works to make it stain-free and odor-free. Charmeuse fabrics are machine washable provided place it in a mesh washing bag. Make sure to select the delicate cycle on washing machine, water temperature to be cold, and spin is on low. Never put in drier and steam for the best finish. If ironing, use the least temperature setting and iron on fabric’s wrong side.

Why Hand-Washing Is Preferred?

Hand-washing is a great way to preserve delicate fabric for as long as possible. Your delicate and expensive charmeuse fabric is a good candidate for hand-washing. Being said that, how to hand-wash your dresses in a correct way? Simply, it all starts with a clean sink. Water temperature should exist between cool to lukewarm. There are many detergents specifically made for hand-washing garments. So, it’s better to use these as they will rinse out easily. Never stir harshly instead swish the dresses gently. Go easy on them. Rinse and then repeat. Rinsing may take several repetitions. While squeezing out the water, don't wring or twist. Put the fabric piece on your dry towel, roll up the towel many times, pressing out the water. Once done, lay them flat on a drying rack.


Your dresses are an investment. Knowing how to care for a certain fabric will lead you to a wardrobe full of different type of fabrics, each with long lasting beauty. If you’re fashion-forward women looking for all the rage, then Corinne Kay Collection brings an exquisite dress line for you in LA. Also, you can shop online with your friends and let them help you pick the perfect fit.

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